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A change in wireless technology

Feb. 11, 2012

This technology has a wide variety of uses. The use that I am most interested in is the ability to send a wifi signal across great distances. To think about the possibility of free internet wherever you go is almost here. The biggest hurdle would be the entities that use it or make it impossible for consumers to be able to purchase it and use the product. I guess it falls into the inventors hands. ChamTech Operations Enterprise Inc. is the company that holds the patent on the technology and if released to the public could potentially render cell phone carriers useless. Think about this, the average cell phone bill in 2009 for US was $1800/year. To many families it's one of their longer bills at the end of the month. People have become dependent on their devices and companies are taking advantage of this by constantly raising prices. If wifi were spread freely, calls could be made to people who are also online via google talk, skype, etc. This has the ability to shake things up, I just hope Anthony Sutera, CEO and his company ChamTech Enterprises can open up this new market to consumers and small businesses.